Friday, 2 October 2015

Narrative Project: Pufferfish Ideas

I decided today to do some concept art for the narrative project's pufferfish protagonist. As far as is known to science the only known species of puffer that makes the patterns in the sand that so inspired us is Torquiguener albomaculosus, more commonly known as the Japanese white-spotted puffer.

     Although I have not entirely nailed down a specific design, I decided to make a pattern contact sheet. Even if this is not the form that sticks, I hope these designs can remain transferable. I looked into making something distinct and perhaps show our fish might be creative in some way. But because of the inspiration I also looked into making something that could be described as cute. So I'm not entirely satisfied with designs 1 2 and 3 on the upper panel.


  1. lovely pages, Mark :) I don't know what 'character' your fish needs to be in terms of your story - as this guy - in all his guises - looks rather meek and cautious. I don't think you've quite managed cute - but I do feel rather protective towards him.

    1. That's not too bad then as the group discussed that he could puff up in moments of panic or anxiety, so our character could come off somewhat shy. Actually come to think of it, its nicely thematic that the affection for the character that the audience may receive relates more to the story and what happens with the character. If I recall there's a common character build in media of "he's good-looking, friendly, skillful and charming. But he's the unpopular kid." It might be from film producers' needs for the lead role to be good-looking possibly but the build still bugs me as it makes you wonder why he's unpopular.

      I have expression sketches of him scattered about ranging from happy to confused to upset. So I might consider exploring those if we get an idea of a pattern down.