Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Character Project: Further Art Inspiration

Figure 1: Sketchbook work
    I drew some sketches today for the character project to investigate possible player figurines, peasants and a few Sha designs as well as an initial idea for the layout for the village.

    For the designs for the villagers I looked a little at how Chinese artists portrayed the human form for ideas on costume, fashion and even faces to get a feel for the setting. WHile they do convey a level of realism, there is also a degree of stylism, the two people pictured below achieve depth though interacting with 3D objects and perspective but while the objects they use are shaded and given depth, they are not.
Figure 2: "An Ancient Chinese Poet"
Figure 3: Animal portrayals in ancient China
    These two animals are likely for ma different era of Chinese art but what struck me was the very distinct eyes that look like they belong on other animals. However looking at these two artworks, Chinese artists appear to give an animation or posing to their subjects that might be rare or uncommon in real life.

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