Friday, 23 October 2015

Character Project: Preliminary Biographies

  I took some time today to work on the biographies of the characters I will include in my character project. The brief calls for three characters and I will work on the bio for my adventurer(s) once I get more fleshed out appearances for them. But an alternate second character would be the Sha, bad spirits that spread negativity wherever they go. And would serve as minor antagonists for the players.

Nian, shadow lord of the winter’s end.


  Nian is an ancient spirit of the wilderness. Every spring marks his brief emergence from the shadow realm, where for one night he descends upon the people of China, starving and eager for the taste of living flesh. He is not particular towards either animals or humans, he hungers for both.

  Nian is an embodiment of things ending: Of life, and of time. Things that represent time running out or death empower him. Implements of death and tragedy such as knives, blades and spears merely shatter upon his body and for this reason he has been considered unstoppable. While considered this, even he has his vulnerabilities. Things that embody life and continuation frighten him and drive him away.

  As a spirit beast, Nian relies on his own body to defend himself. Mortal weapons cannot hurt him and when he has to fight, he has large, sharp claws on each foot and a bountiful set of large teeth. His smoky mane can serve to aid him in hunting, either obscuring him or providing an environment that renders his prey completely helpless as he closes in.



  The Sha are the inhabitants of the Shadow Realm. A twisted, a negative representation of the real world. To most people the Sha are invisible, their primary interaction with the real world being their involvement in the manifestation of misfortune or negativity.

  As spirits of negativity, Sha are drawn and emboldened by negative feelings or foreboding feelings, but repulsed by positivity and life. Lesser Sha will be desperate to counteract this positivity, but they are all repulsed upon the sight of their own appearance and powerful presences of positive energy. 

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