Sunday, 25 October 2015

Narrative Project: Storyboard Development

  Over the weekend I have attempted to drum up a new storyboard for the narrative project. It was felt that the last idea didn't feel entirely complete an idea.

  This took two revisions as there was some discussion over how expressive we should be making our fish. I feel I can work with primarily the eyes however when version 4.1 was discussed I was told that the fish was too expressive. This was the purpose of 4.2, to pare down the emotion so that the real focus is the eyes and perhaps the body language. Hopefully 4.2 is on the right course because I worry about the possibility of this project entering development hell over what expressions the character should be conveying.

  I had worked late on version 4.1 which is why it is lacking in text and posessing a few arrangement anomalies, both of which were resolved for storyboard version 4.2

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