Thursday, 29 October 2015

Character Project: Developing One of the Strangers

  Today I decided to make progress with the character project. I've narrowed down the hero silhouette to flesh out for the final character bible to a warrior wearing a conical straw hat and wielding a bo-staff. I decided to experiment with  variations of how the armour and clothing were worn. The key thing I wanted to keep in mind while making the outlines is that the character is a wanderer, so his outfit would likely be an assortment of things he has bought or collected. With this in mind, I might keep away from the more soldier-like outfits (1, 6, 4 and 5) but perhaps the hero does wear at least a little armour to protect himself from bandit or wild animal attcks.

  When it came to the face I liked the style I had discovered when making the body outlines. And I tihnk it has helped in hilighting the core features of the face. WHen it came to a hairstyle my research suggested that among men there wasn't that much variation - many men in ancient China went for tying their hair in a bun on the tops of their heads, while facial hair often had a wispy quality to it.

  The style for the eyes were inspired by one of the Chinese artworks I had discovered during my research, which poretrayed two men in the middle of discussion. 1 and 5 attract me the most. Though I might do some exploration involving scars - if this wanderer is connected to Nian or the Sha, it's possible or perhaps likely he's had a few scrapes with them in the past. Confronting such a beast as Nian is unlikely to avoid some sort of struggle. So I might look into some facial markings later on.

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