Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Adaptaion B: Colo Colo Sketches and Silhouettes

   I spent a couple of hours today considering a design for Colo Colo, bearing in my mind it was some vicious, spiteful creature born from an egg nursed by a rooster. During my designs I struck upon the realisation that I do not need to stick to a feathered rat, and so looked at more bipedal designs alongside the mixture of rooster, rat and snake. My personal favourites though are 17, 19, 9 and 20.

  The idea for silhouettes came form some initial sketches done with pencil in my sketchbook. It was  by number 36 (I had done the sketches first) that I thought I could try a more bipedal route for the creature, with one possible idea being that it could alternate between standing on two legs and travelling on four. The main motivation for the silhouettes came from uncertainty as to whether give the creature a beak or a rat's snout. But I considered compromising by inserting a beak within its mouth.


  1. I like 20, and also 22, with the more rooster-like tail.

    1. Yeah I do wonder about having perhaps a snake tail emerge from a set of rooster feathers.