Thursday, 25 February 2016

Adaptation B: Approaching a New Direction

  With a tutorial coming on Friday, I decided some work needed to be done on Colo Colo. I took the time to paint up a possibly-finalised version of the creature. When I asked for Anderson Moshi's opinion however something hit me: One of the key principles of good hybrid creature design is the creature doesn't directly resemble the creatures it is made from. That it is to stand as its own thing and not a kit-bash of the creatures that make it up. I realised I wasn't doing enough: Colo Colo still looked like a combination of a rat and a rooster.

  After looking up some of the less chicken-like versions of a cockatrice I worked out what I probably needed to do, and considered ways to involve the two creatures, but at the same time make this creature look like its own thing. What I have considered so far is that instead of one frill, Colo Colo has two frills that serve as ears, its tail would perhaps be feathered and I would build on the hybrid skull I designed when studying rat and chicken skulls a little earlier in the project. As it was suggested to me that it was a good example of a creature's design standing on its own.

  When it came to the crest, I took inspiration from the ink stain experimentation I did, taking stains and working them into spiky frills on the head of a chicken (not true for 4 and 5, but this was jsut before I had the idea). From the frills I have designed, I mush prefer this method, as it gives much more interesting results than trying ot draw a spiky frill from pure imagination.

  While I feel like the first drawing on this post was a dead-end, it did give me the opportunity to try out designing a more savage looking looking creature, which includes testing out the decaying skin, deprived look and as a touch, a scary red eye. Though I'm more up for developing either 1, 2 or 3 with one of the head frills. 


  1. I like 3 as I think the tail is interesting, love the new head frills there are some strong silhouettes there that will help create an interesting creature. I really like some of the crazier ones like 9 and 10!

    1. Some of these heads I'm a little concerned look more like antlers in profile due to looking more detached from the head.

      Maybe I could keep the tail of 3. I'm looking into re-sculpting its core body today.