Thursday, 4 February 2016

Adaptation A: Final Animation

The Best Time of Day to Not Take a Selfie from Mark Stamp on Vimeo.


  1. This was really fun to watch! Great job

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  3. I confess to have been worried by this submission Mark. Particularly given the absence of visual work in your last tutorial. However I’m pleasantly surprised by your video infographic, its fun and has good sense of personality – People are commenting on it which is a testament to how appealing the topic is and how humorous you’ve made it to watch. Well done. On balance the transporter scene seems to be the stand out joke in terms of staging and execution. It has the right level of absurdity and a ‘oh no’ factor.


    Graphic Design: Overall your graphics are a little unrefined, a bit ‘chunky’, and don’t always make the best use of the screen space. The speech bubbles for example are too large and too close to the top of the screen, the white stick figures are hard to read, and the action often happens too low in the frame or is too close to an edge (local animals / bar fight / transporter). However the most noticeable drop in quality is your use of font which is too large and too light (speech bubbles and title). This could have been made smaller and bold (it would read the same) making your speech bubbles smaller and giving more space to animate in overall. It often feels as though you’re squashing the action into the frame to compensate for the large speech bubble. Essentially these are all ‘directorial’ mistakes in the way you are placing things in the frame. I would recommend looking up ‘graphic grids’, ‘positive and negative space’, ‘rules of thirds’, and ‘Gestalt theory in graphic design’, these will all help you understand the abstract nature of where the mistakes are happening. You can also see me for help too.

    Animation: Generally speaking I like your animation technique Mark, it has good timing and (with the graphic design issues withstanding) good comic staging. However there are few places where the generally high standard dropped a little. For example, the bar fight ‘cloud’ could have been a sphere and therefore rotating instead of bouncing along. The character arms, the phone, and the animal’s legs all suffer from ‘floating’ animation too. Was this caused by your knowledge of After Effects?