Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Adaptation A: Backgrounds

  I worked this afternoon on environments for the infographic project. When I realised I might need an extra scenario to fill time I went back to my list and picked out one of the more popular alternative choices. The one I selected was the situation "while being arrested", which would have the person taking the selfie wrestled against the front of a police car while he struggles to take a selfie of himself while 2-3 police officers try to push him down.

  While these environments were made with Photoshop, I plan to design the characters using vector graphics as the characters' heights in respect to the screen will change, and that will be the best way to maximise animation quality.
Scenario 1: In a queue
Scenario 2: Visiting a doctor

Scenario 3: Meeting wild animals

Scenario 4: During a pub brawl

Scenario 5: During an arrest

Scenario 6: In a teleporter accident
  Some of these scenarios involved characters going around or standing behind objects in the environment. To solve this, the related situations (below) involve multi-layered locations. Fortunately even the most complex of the scenarios only needed one or two extra layers for the scene to work with the characters, who will be developed soon after this post.

Scenario 1: In a Queue

Scenario 2: Visiting a doctor

Scenario 4: During a pub fight

Scenario 6: In a teleporter accident


  1. These look great, Mark! I really like the level of simplicity that these have and they have a really nice graphic style. :)

    1. I'm combining them with the characters I've designed on Wednesday, I'm looking forward to it.