Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Colo Colo: Better Running Animation

  With the deadline looming I feel I am almost ready to have something presentable. Most of today was spent improving my run cycle animation which thanks to tips from Alan and Julia looks much better than it was. So far I quite enjoy what I have turned out, This feels like a huge step up from my previous projects, and so far I feel confident I can produce something effective by the presentation day on Thursday.

  I don't plan on showing much animation, but I can easily make up for it with turntables and an effective presentation I am sure. As along with the running animation above, I have also planned for an idle turntable and below the footage includes a few seconds of it demonstrating what it does when under threat or acting aggressive.


  1. This is brilliant! Well done, Mark :D

    1. Cheers Kat. I'm really happy with how he's turning out so far.

  2. Aww he looks cute.... until he opens his mouth that is! Very nice work Mark :)

  3. Looking good :) Much better now that the arms are moving independently...