Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Acting Workshop: Ninjas and Interviews

  Today's acting class is the penultimate for this term. A shame because I have been really enjoying it so far. The photographs here are of an exercise that Ryan (far right in the below picture) introduced to our instructor last week. The aim is to tag out the people next to you until there is only one left by way of performing a martial arts move to strike at their hand. Things get incredibly tense when the game is down to two people and looks like something out of a martial arts film.

  I enjoyed it, and while I was often outed early on, I can see it as a good awareness, improvisation  and reflex exercise, especially when the game gets extremely tense near the end when there's only one person left to be sent out.

  After this exercise there was more character building. Like in a previous session we had to walk about the room with random motion, a clap from Dan the instructor signified for us to freeze, while a second clap demanded we perform an action that corresponded to our poses. We were then to pick our favourite pose and build the character, who would be interviewed by the rest of the class. These interview sessions were very deep, with lots of questions and emotion that helped build a complex character out of what started as a single pose. But due to the amount of time taken we were only able to get through half the group, the other half (which includes me) may or may not do interviews with our characters until next week, although Dan the instructor says he has a plan in mind.for what will happen in the final lesson.

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