Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Maya Tutorials: Sprites and Conditional Goals

  Another set of videos that I meant ot upload a little while ago. These are some of the last of the legacy particle tutorials that I needed to construct. This is an attempt to use this week to see if I can catch up with some of the things I needed to do to get back on track. It's taking its time but I am gradually getting there.

  The conditional goals tutorial was relatively smooth to do although initially I had some trouble as while for a time the animation worked, it didn't correspond to the locator and particles would gather at the base after dropping off. That was until I realised my scripting error regarding connecting the particles' freedom to drop to the position of the locator, as I missed out the inclusion of a y vector i none of the parameters - a simple fix and everything is good and a charming reminded that all it takes is one small typing error to make a piece of software act crazy.

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