Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Colo Colo: Skinning Progress 90% Done.

  I'm nearing a state where I think I can consider rigging done. There are some cases where some supplementary geometry might help to add definition, as around the elbow, perhaps some of the torso (below) there is a fair amount of collapsing going on. However after optimising the scene size, some geometry defects have returned, something I will have to look into correcting.

There are a couple of kinks. I might need to revise the IKs on the left front foot.
  I have to keep an eye on time, so perhaps the best solution, after making these corrections, is to move on to the texturing, so I have something that looks complete on crit day 2 weeks from now. As time marches on I suppose I will ahve ot settle for some demonstrative animation over a proper narrative, although that might have been something hinted at during the pitch.

  For them ost part I am happy with what I have so far. For the most part the model works, the rig is working, the number of controls for the tongue and tail I could slim down as these are on IKs and the flow of the model is there.

  Worrying about the curvature of the spine has gone away somewhat now that I have a core control-base control pairing that allows me to move the model's body while the feet remain planted firmly on the ground. I'm considering if it might be worth adding a spline IK into the spine to keep that fluidity.

  As I said when I optimised the scene size, a few of my painted weights were shifted, a task that hopefully won't take too long as it is merely housekeeping. But while the optimisation did being up this issue, it made up for it a lot by streamlining the workspace - Before the optimisation things were slowing down, but after the optimisation and a clearing of the deformer history, things moved much faster on my PC, which eased up setting parameters considerably.


  1. He's looking great! :) Looking forward to seeing him come to life...