Monday, 11 April 2016

Colo Colo: Weight Correction

  With the rig mostly sorted, I decided now was the time to begin skinning. As this is a somewhat complex model, particularly for the head and torso, this could take some time. Some areas however, like the neck are not too bad, but some areas the skinning assignment was just weird. So that is my task for this week.

I used a combination of painting and editing weights to separate sections, this was particularly the case in the mouth where the jaws were initially fused to the head.

Understanding the flow of the shoulder muscles is on my current to-do list. This current image is slightly sloppy but as seen below I'm working to improve it vertex by vertex. Though come to think of it, right now it sort of looks like the poor thing's dislodged its shoulder.

  Slightly better now after some minor tweaking.