Friday, 15 April 2016

Colo Colo: Rigging the face

  With a partially done texture in place, priority today was on installing the final controls which were for the eyes and eyebrows. This was achieved by keying the transformations to blendshapes set separate from the main model, the transformations on these blend shapes would be reflected on the main model. The main downside to this measure is there are three instances of Colo Colo in the scene, but these can be hidden both in the workspace and in the outliner.

  The eyelidss were a bit of trial and error to get the angle right, as they're not human eyes. One of the alleviations I found during testing was angling the eyes so they twisted slightly as they closed. Not what normally happens but it allowed me to somewhat preserve the positions of the corner joints. I also made the discovery that I might have added too few polygons and so there is quite a bit of stretching on the upper eyelid in particular, but this can be rectified by a tweak to the UV.

  The sub-surface scattering is so far coming out reasonably well, even on the current skin. This can especially be seen i nthe light-obscured areas of the body such as the right-hand thigh. The priority now is goin to be textures, so I can make Colo Colo look really nice

  When rendered out, I think the texture comes out fairly well. There's some artifacts but these can be fixed by some minor modification of the texture map inside Mubox.

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