Friday, 17 February 2017

Four: Skinning and MILA Shaders

I can sign off on the shader for the skin, save for the texture map which needs a bit of variance to it.  Working properly, the shader gives a lovely translucency to her fins and the webbing between her hands and feet. From the success I had, I moved on to  trying the mila shader on other textures, There is some on the claws, teeth and on the eyeball, which appears to have removed the rather distracting shadow that kept haunting my previous renders. 

TO get a more solid shine on the eye, I swapped the blinn for an anistropic shader, which while not as glossy as the blinn, giving only a spot so far, does give a cleaner life-giving glint. More could be done, as this is a start for now.

As can be seen by this render, The next task I performed was weighting her model to her skeleton. Starting with blocking out the weights, a second pass will smooth out the differences, then pose space corrections will correct the deformation that can't be as easily managed with weights.

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