Sunday, 12 February 2017

Four: Juvenile Skin Specularity Tests

  Taking what I had done in the week prior, I've worked a little more on Four's skin. To give some resonance I added wrinkles in the texture and later the darkish green patch on Four's back to give her some interesting points.

  There's a little more to do, give her lips some colour, maybe wash out the butterscotch hue, to give the idea that as she matures colour comes to her skin.

  I played about with the reflectivity of her skin, to try and get the right balance of shine and spread.

  The fake rim light that exists appears to be doing its job rather nicely, but that does not mean I can't at least look into sub-surface shading. I feel I am definitely getting somewhere with this current model.

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  1. Hi Mark - I know you're super-busy, but it's survey time again:

    Could you let me know when you've completed it via a message on the original post.. ta :)