Saturday, 4 February 2017

Four: Corridor Geometry Progress

  The geometry for the corridor elements are almost complete. With this finished I can move back to designing the biolab which will be good as on Friday I had some solid feedback on how to give these different areas character.

  I worked out in a discussion with Alan that I am somewhat blending the two aesthetics of 1960s and 1970s science fiction. To put it simply, the Sixties were more rounded while the Seventies were more angular when it came to shapes.

So while I think I can find a synchronous level between the two, the idea we settled was that the corridor would be industrial. It would have that grey, gritty Seventies feel while the biolab would be something of a blend of the two, most importantly the biolab would be quite white; it is a clean space and the first impression that the viewer would get is looking though the windows in the corridor into this bright white laboratory, with the pure-white isolation units at the back.

   One of the selling differences would be light fixtures. More industrial sites tend to cage their fixings to safeguard them from the heavy duty operations. So the idea came to install these caged flourescent lights inside the corridors while the biolab would be downlit from wall-embedded set into the upper sections of walls.

  However an alternative location for these lights could be in the ceiling. Maybe they could even be on a track and hanging down.

The UV map for the corridor is fairly large, but to create space I might reduce the size of the ten panels at the top, which will allow me to increase the size of the main element of the corridor i nthe centre of the map.

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