Thursday, 2 February 2017

Four: Juvenile Skeleton Installed

  I dedicated this afternoon to installing the skeleton that would allow me to animate the Juvenile.

  It's not as complicated certainly as the previous model, and some components such as the eyes and tongue mechanism were salvaged from the adult model (and appear to fit well, fortunately, which saved some time.)

  All the joints are named so I'd say the next step is skinning the body to her joints..

  The emergent state of the fins is something of a blessing ,as it means less controls are needed to make the thing work. They're not as well-developed in this stage and that means that rigging them was far less complex a task.She's going ot have less flexibility on account of her pudgier and stubbier body so she's going to move slightly differently as well. She would have a much less graceful flow to her movements than she would have as an adult.

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