Monday, 20 February 2017

Four: Weighting the Skin and Facial Deformers

  I set myself a deadline for about the end of this week where my primary assets would be completed. So much of today was centred around binding the skin to the body and hopefulyl signing off and starting on the grub before the month is out.

  I tried a technique for blending the weights where the skin is flexible, such as on the webbing, to make it flow more organically between the toes. For the most part it appears to work, the skin blends and moves more smoothly than on the adult model (which may need revisiting at some point).

  Also in need of creation were some of the key blends for the face. In addition to the setups I created for the first model, I added a set of deformers for the cheeks, to allow Four to visible puff and huff. These deformers are set slightly inside the mouth so that when she motions, the interior of her mouth will hopefully move with the exterior.

  One problem I had previously rigging the eyelids was that when rotating, the control joints would move slightly in a direction that I didn't need them to. To alleviate this I considered an alternative method, where an EP curve would be constructed to find the midpoint.

  Stretching between the corners of the eyes, the EP curve was rebuilt with two segments, a cluster deformer was created so that a locator could be snapped to the middle, which was then moved slightly up and down depending on whether the lid was for the top or bottom. Then the joints were attached.

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