Thursday, 11 December 2014

Matte Painting

     Didn't take long to make up a matte painting for the final presentation. The image on the right is what I will be using. I used the background of the original concept piece as a base but did some serious tidying up of it before adding the lower half. The image below is the painting as it was before I added the city at the back. I admit I may have gotten sloppy with keeping record during the crunch time however.

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  1. Hey Mark,

    Apologies for my absence things have been kinda busy over here but as I said to you I have been keeping an eye. First of all I'm pretty sure I posted my email address to you in my first comment but here it is again: If you get stuck or have an imminent issue that you think I may be able to help with let me know. I check that email most of the day so you will get a response.

    Okay so lets get to this post, its a nice painting Mark but once again it is kind of suffering from "frothiness" a little... You have some decent depth on the sides of the logs but not underneath? Check out this link:

    Remember try not to use "smooth" brushes for everything because they remove the texture from your objects and some of them need it... I remember talking to you about custom brushes when we met in the pub here is a tutorial: its easy to do and you can come up with some good results...

    You may wish to google "photoshop custom brushes" yourself to see if you can download some or find better tutorials... If I have time ill see if I can sit down and knock up a custom brush video for you to watch... its a good thing to know when digital painting...

    Your grass also looks to have a kind of rock texture which makes it look like a canvas, unless this is something you wish to convey in your piece id lose it... because it can limit the space and depth intended by your image... You still have to work on depth perception, its something I struggle with which is probably why it bothers me so much lol You also have to be a little more bold with your colour use as mentioned before with your sea scape the clouds just look murky/devoid of life you need to use energizing colours that send your viewer on a journey...

    Do as I suggested before find an artist you like and attempt to redraw their image from eye... It may take some time but it will help you understand what you have to do with your own work to improve.