Monday, 1 December 2014

Project 2: Further Production Art

    Creating these kepy production images has helped a fair bit in working out the right colour scheme for my buildings, as well as pinning down the finer details. It's hard to see but I also added a miniature figure next to what have nicknamed "the silk building" on account it reminding me of a fold of fabric. I'd considered a greenish/teal colour for the windows after looking back on my colour considerations for the star platform, while also maybe being inspired by jade - a precious form of rock that is both highly valued and closely tied to China and the surrounding countries. It rose to become treated as something akin to a combination of alabaster and gold in the Mediterranian; precious, beautiful, and carvable into all manner of wondrous shapes. Although I do wonder if I run the risk of the colour looking a little sickly.

    I also wondered about incorporating a little organic into the structure, as the idea I have proposed for Huabanliuyu does make it sound like the residents were inspired by plant life just as Philip Treacy was inspired by nature's patterns and structures when it came to his hats. There's still a bit of work to do on the platform (the legs for instance) but I do feel like I am further cementing my visual image for the city. I might in fact go for the Silk Building to be my test prop, as it is both present as a foreground element and the design is a lot simpler in its geometry than the star or the platform.

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