Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Project 2: Tuesday Design Updates

    This morning I decided ot set to work o nthe diffuse map for one of the city's skyscrapers. Just before i started I recalled ot myself that rarely are the surfaces of even the most pristine and seamless skyscrapers ever a single uniform sheet. So I set about designing a more true to-life appearance where part of the resulting texture would come from the seams between the panes. For the final image I do plan to tone down the grooves so that they don't completely drown out the. look of the panes.
    The hexagon idea may be a bit spur-of-the-moment and I might or might not not carry it though with the rest of the city, the idea being that this is an aesthetic city so your typical mass of square panes felt dull to the eye. Hexagons provide am ore intriguing look as they "slot in" to the sctructure far more easily and effectively and maintain a stronger structure than a square frame. Along with toning down the grooves, I plan to add some more visible framework to break up the current look and giving the windows a little glint.

    Due to the highly reflective nature of glass, a blinn shader or chrome layer would be useful to bring out its scheen.

    After watching Suspiria I headed dow nthe the baseroom to spend a couple of hours on The Star, reworking what I had doen so far, one of the majore features of the new model being a kind of balcony wall around the outside so peopel won't fall off. After UV mapping this one spoke, I duplicated it with the others and combined it all with the disk in the middle to create a single contiguous surface in which I will place the texture maps for the surface of it. After finishing these I moved on to the building at the back and after working on the balconies I think I should be able to quickly build up the shells on top of the biulding.

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