Friday, 12 December 2014

Project 2: WHat If Metropolis: Final Render.

    I was going to publish this last night but it got pretty late and close ot the deadline to do so. But after seven weeks of work I am glad I am finally finished and I like how it has turned out so well. For the most part I feel like all my time texture designing have paid off. One of the criticisms given on the crit was that because I had gone for such a realistic tone ot the city, the matte painting at the back didn't work quite as well.

    I spoke with Stitch after the crit and he suggested I should consider using harder brushes to give a more solid feel to my work, which I can understand as I might have for the most part been using fairly soft brushes and I guess it does show with the matte painting. I was advised to go for a more photographic look (which I can achieve with photoreferencing and using real photographs as a guide), so it is a good thing I placed the city in the middle of China.

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  1. Hey Mark,

    Its not bad but yeah I concur with the critiques found in this piece. The matt painting is a bit "dead" by comparison the clouds also do not look particularly enticing. Its not just harder brushes its using bold colours too and combining them to find the right palette. Notices the hard shadow edges on the underside of your models, try to replicate real life by drawing from photographs or recreating paintings that worked... you will learn more that way.

    As far as your models go they look pretty nice I see a little texture stretching but its not something to sniff at. I do think you could have done more with the exterior yellow wall... Devoid of texture it just looks like pristine square rocks and that just wouldn't happen if this was a "real life" piece. Everything has imperfections especially out there in the environment... there are so many small details to consider.

    All in all though this is a good effort, like I said before do your best to stay ahead of the game... characters wont be far away so I suggest you practice modelling, texturing, rigging, etc a little over Christmas...