Friday, 20 November 2015

Character Workshop: Interfaces and Werewolves

  Yesterday was another character workshop that looked at interfaces for games. We looked at the various ways that computer games, card games and board games use interfaces to convey the required information in order for the player to get though the game effectively. The workshop task was to create a visual language for a card game based around a particular monster, and as can be seen below, for me that was werewolves.

  I discussed with Justin the idea that the focus could be on hunting. The various cards, traits and abilities within the game would be designed to have players stalking each other. Cards and actions could also have counters, so for instance if one player pulled a 'tracking' card that gave them clues to the location of the other player, their opponent could pull a card or trick that makes the moment a distraction, leading the first player away from the other rather than leading them forward.

  The final thing that was started before the end of this stage of the workshop was to consider a visual style to give an idea to the players an idea of what kind of atmosphere this game is set within and an idea of what environments they would be playing within.

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