Sunday, 15 November 2015

Character Project: The Sha and the Nian Lion's Face

  With the OGR deadline coming up I felt I needed to get more done in preparation for the presentation. I took some time to develop the Sha and after some pointers looked at how I could unify the facial expressions of Nian. While I am happy with the Sha's success, I feel I have hit someting of a wall with Nian regarding certain expressions.

  I was unfortunately only able to get five designs down before I felt like I could do no more. Why this happened I am not sure but there could be a variety of factors that I'd feel would be inappropriate for the blog. Although a feeling of repetitiveness and unfamiliarity with drawing faces like this may be two of them.


  1. I like 1 and 5, on the first page.

    1. I did wonder whether to go emaciated or bulky for him. But I agree, there's something fluid about inward-curving horns.