Friday, 20 November 2015

Character project: Developing Card Designs

  Along with a workshop on interface design I gained the chance yesterday to develop more on the aesthetic of the Character project. I mainly looked at how to make the cards would work and stand out. At present I believe I have my rules established: Cards can either be good fortune or bad fortune, will have a predetermined strength and can be visually identified based on their colour.

  I looked at elements that I could use within the cards and one pattern stuck to mind that I will need to look at further: A knotted disk. Something about this pattern is distinctly Chinese but I will definitely need to look at it in more detail to get a better idea of just how to design it as that is one of my struggling points at present. Rather than plus and minus icons drawn with a brush, there was the idea that instead of these (which could be placeholders) I look at graphics that would more accurately fit my theme. The use of the disk is useful because the current rules mean that the fortune cards can be no stronger than +4 or -4 and there are no "zero-strength fortune" cards, and these disks that I have in mind can be easily divided into four corners.

  I also took some time yesterday to experiment with Hokusai's style of smoke. Nothing major but it does have a much less 'permed' feel to it. It definitely looks like something strange now. Though I do feel more refinement is needed.

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