Monday, 2 November 2015

Character Project: Spirits and the Village

  As mentioned in an earlier blog post, I spent time today developing the character project. Looking at what was needed I decided more stuff was needed for the environments that could be used within the setting. I don't consider the first attempt (above) very satisfying aside from maybe the fish fountain. It just didn't look right though even though I started out with basic blocks. The roofs just didn't' look right.
  To resolve my dissatisfaction I looked online to see what villages in China looked like to discover they were something of a far cry from the stereotype of upward-sloping sky-blue roofs and whitewashed staccato walls. I was happy to find that they were more earthy and simple, but had their own degree of intrigue. I was partly inspired by the overhangs that these buildings had. On some buildings these could be tiered not too dissimilarity to the balconies found on more modern tower blocks.

  I kept the pond from the first image because well I though it was a nice feature. Looking at the images below, I might have to look into making my village more 'messy'. There is a lot of string and junk about.

Referene 1: Three-story house (Guidry, 2011)
Reference 2: A waterfront village. Seems a little clean compared to Reference 1 (Wade, 2011)

  The other main thing I did today was work on the Sha. I kept expressive with the outlines to reflect the supernatural nature of these creatures. But while I was originally considering shapes like 1-3, 7 and maybe 14, I realised that maybe I could try something else after constantly giving the designs clouds for lower halves. COming up with a few more haunting-appropriate looks. The lack of faces on some of them is intentional - I played with the idea that these things had no faces in order to keep them inhuman.

  Before all this however I was working on developing my hero character. Drawing him in preparation for a turnaround. I found it useful to start of with an undressed figure, so I could get a better idea of what all the fabric would be doing and how it would hang over his body. Also I wanted to get the proportions right, hence the stack down the side.

Image References

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