Monday, 23 November 2015

Narrative Project: Developing the Ravine Part 4

  I decided to make progress with the ravine, adding some ruggedness to the ledges. Some crags and points have been added but from now on it is going to be more tweaking. Textures such as a bump map will definitely useful from here on out to give the ravine a rockiness to it. The next stage so far will be to do something about how level the ravine floor is. I might taper it at the ends; have the floor rise upwards to indicate a point of origin.

  There could be some more pushing back of the upper ledges, in theory at least. But the main thing that I feel now with the model is I can move on to rocky outcroppings because with the time at hand, I can't risk spending too much time on the tiny details as there is still plenty to do. Plants and rocks are needed for one.

  Perhaps the area around the ravine is also extended. To get the effect these were displaced chunks of rock, instead of relying on further tweaking the angle of the ledges, I also changed the incline of the ground around the ledges to make a more defined incline.

  In terms of scale there is still plenty of space, although most of the action might be away from the ends of the ravine. But this is yet to take into account how much space will be used by rocky outcroppings. Which will be the next phase after adjusting the height of the ravine at each end.

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