Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Narrative Project: Blocking out the Ravine

  With roles organised the project goes ahead full steam. We have a project framework folder and my task so far is to create the environment we will use to stage our animation. We agreed that for the sake of design and continuity that we would build only one scene that we would use for the entire animation, so the action of both fish will be rendered an animated from one location. This might also make the use of render layers more important.

  This is only a blockout. Over the coming weeks my plan is to refine the shapes so that we can get a much more naturalistic appearance without the render preview turning the whole thing into mush. Vlad agreed to work on the orthographs so more detailed plants will come later. But for now the priority is the structure of the ravine itself.

  After an initial draft design I talked with the group on how the design could be improved and I agreed on a couple of key changes based on group feedback: The first is that the ravine needs to be deeper. This will give our fish more time to swim up to the mouth of the ravine form the bottom.

  The second is that the ravine could be wider so that it does not feel so claustrophobic and gives more freedom for the camera. Understandable but the need could be further investigated by using a  basic shape such as a sphere to get an idea of how big the fish will be in our scene.

The start is promising. The feedback on the arc was positive but perhaps the ravine could be a little more jagged at the mouth. This is a crack in the seabed, probably cut out with tectonic movement or ocean currents, so rough edges are to be expected.

  From a ground-level perspective yes, maybe the ravine could be a little deeper. Although a camera-eye view could be worth testing out to see if that does anything ot the feeling of claustrophobia. The fish might end up tiny anyway..

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