Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Group project: Logo Rework

  It turns out that once again what I have provided isn't to the entire group's liking. It seems what half the group wants is something friendly and creative and the font I provided is too rigid and cold. Due to other projects and assignments going on I do not think there is enough time before the online greenlight to make a completely new design so I decided to work on what I already have and try to make it nicer.

  One of the key principles of the argument is that the logo doesn't look like something put out by a creative company with too much emphasis on the text when they'd prefer the focus to be on the graphic. I didn't want to start another argument that went nowhere so I decided to accept the feedback and work with what I already had.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Mark, I'm not sure which argument are you referring to, as you know we keep the tone of the project very polite and there is nothing personal against your work. You don't have to like the feedback, I certainly almost never do, however my opinion is still the same. It is a lot of font changes and it doesn't feel like the tone of the group project.
    Once again there is no argument, just opinions, we can't afford to be precious about our work and get angry when it won't make it's way to the end of the animation. As I said before I did plenty of concepts that will not be used and that is fine, things evolve.