Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Character project: OGR Feedback Development

  I had a talk with Justin today over the direction of the character project and by the sounds of it, I was mostly going in the right direction. But there were a couple of pressing issues with what I had done so far. But as I see it nothing that I don't think could set me back too much. 

  The most pressing concern is the hero. While the man I had designed was distinctly Chinese, Justin didn't think he stood out very much. He could have been anyone with that hat and staff. We talked about the general issue that in my circumstance while it is relatively easy to create a villain that people can get their teeth into because I'm designing monsters. My current character falls into the pitfall that as a hero that will be one of a roster, is anyone going ot pick him out? I need a character that looks cool and draws people to want to use that guy in the game. Being distinct and appealing would encourage people to use him.

  So I looked at my outlines to see if there were any heroes that could draw the player in. Previous feedback indicated that a certain large guy with a sledgehammer could be an interesting character. So after the feedback session I decided to sketch some initial poses and ideas for this guy. Who unlike the other hero is big, powerful and a draw that he looks like he could cause a lot of damage. His hammer won't hurt Nian but as I have discussed in prior posts, its not just Nian this guy has dealt with in his life.

  Other feedback included the smoke effect I was drawing. It was admittedly getting a little tiring drawing the same curls over and over again so I was recommended the work of Katsushika Hokusai and primarily look at the way he drew smoke. I needed something that will look less like tentacles or a perm which I may have developed a habit of doing. It was also suggested that maybe the Sha's horns should be more angular as he's pretty angular already with lots of sharp lines over his body. There was also some suggestion of back adjustment.

  This morning I also decided to draw some other designs for cards. The idea of tokens went down well but I wanted to make the cards look less like Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh cards for the sake of being distinctive, but more practically I don't need to include lengthy game rules unique to that particular card. Which leaves more room for graphics.

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