Monday, 7 March 2016

Adaptaion B: First Day Modeling

   With orthograph designs in place I used today to get to work on the creature. I think progress with the head is good so far although there are a number of triangles I'd like to shift away if I can. That'll be something to consider over the next day or so. Other than that I would say the head is around 60% modeled: I need to add the interior of the mouth, clean up the geometry especially around the horns, UV map it and then mirror it before moving on to the torso. I also have the tongue to make.

 The frill is so far where it is most complicated, as I have tried to convey the idea this is fused to the head. Where it joins the head still needs a little work however, but I am making progress on that consideration, and where to clean up the geometry.

  In regards to the tongue I figured that given this was a long ,rather prehensile thing it needed ot be quite muscular. Which, in turn would make it look quite fat at the base and possibly the midsection, tapering into a tip where the smaller mouth is. For an extra "disgusting" factor, perhaps during the animation this mouth salivates, that or it glistens. Either way the idea being there's a "sliminess" to it partially based on one suggested idea that these creatures use their saliva to stick their eggs underneath sofas, behind appliances and the like.


  1. This character is looking very promising! Good job so far :)

  2. Come and see me with your model when you get a chance Mark. I'll give you a few pointers on how to improve it.