Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Adaptation B: Environment Idea

  With the creature itself some way done I thought that one of the crucial things I needed was an environment to put it in. A creature needs a home to interact with, after all; a place where its existence makes sense. Nothing too fancy, and inspired by the slums of South America I looked into creating somewhere grimy, perhaps already influenced by Colo Colo's presence. Or perhaps simply an unfortunate circumstance regarding the accommodation itself.

  To get the right colour for the might-time scene I started by creating the location as it would look in the daytime, then adding an intense blue filter over the top. The daytime scene helps show some of the grime. More could be added to the scene, I admit as these places from my research appeared quite small, there would not be much for the person living here. Colo Colo itself will likely be hiding in the dark places during the day, perhaps under the wardrobe or in a hole in the wall out of shot.


  1. I really like the night time one. Very dark and gloomy, and with the light shining through the window, there is quite a horrifying atmosphere there.

    1. Cheers Dan. I'm going to tweak the light itself a little in preparation for the crit.