Friday, 11 March 2016

Adaptation B: Friday Cleanups

  Much of today was spent refining the head geometry of Colo Colo. I received some tips from Alan on cleaning up the geometry, and for the most part I don't think the geometry is too bad. So with some advice I moved ot add some depth to the crest to make it less flattened. The aim was to add definition, to resemble bone more than a flap of flesh (which is what a cockerel's crest consists of). THere could still be some more work to get the desired effect but I am confident at my progress so far.

  With the crest roughly complete I looked into working on the interior of the mouth. To get the mirroring right, I worked on the mirrored version, which included extending the seam. So at present the three sections of the beak are of roughly the same length from the corner of the lip to the end, as they share the same loop that rounds out the lip's geometry.

Perhaps what the crest needs is a head ridge so that the features do not look completely flat across the highest point of the creature's head.

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  1. He is looking very cool Mark! Great job so far :D