Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Adaptation B: Basics Are Almost Done

  One of the first things I considered today was fixing some of the geometry. There's still a degree of messiness but I wonder if some of this could still be improved. After time was spent improving on this, I moved on to the legs and tail.

  For these I felt glad I put time into modelling the dinosaur man for Mudbox in Maya. It gave me some initial practice in connecting limbs to the torso which I could improve on with this creature.

  As I said there's still work to do regarding the head, but I am optimistic. There is some interesting ridging going on with the double-banding I tried to add on the ends of the frills. So far all this geometry has been given planar maps. For the torso, tail and head I will repeat initial UV mapping before unfolding the nets while the legs are perhaps already in a state I can unfold them.

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