Saturday, 19 March 2016

Adaptation B: Post-Crit Work

   Back to work on Colo Colo, this time focusing on refining some of the details as feedback for what I received on the interim presentation. This has mainly involved tidying up geometry, getting a proper pattern going on the underside and making the whole thing generality less of a mess.

    As well as neatening the feet up, I also looked into setting to work on the rear feet. I returned to my references as these are vastly different in composition to the feet at the front, and primarily started out by copying the toes from the front foot, as it had the geometry for the nails and bends laid our, and stretched or added to them. These will require a slightly different palm / sole as I am dealing with five toes, one of which (the leftmost toe at the front) is built more like a highly atrophied thumb.

It was discussed that due to the concept art, what will become necessary to give it a fleshy look will be the use of  sub-surface shaders, possibly some animation regarding veins to give it that extra 'creep' vibe. There was an image in some feedback of the creature swelling up like a leech as it feeds. But I don't know if that's plausible for a creature this size (I understand it's possible with leeches because a few milliliters of blood can be a sizable volume on the micro-scale). Alternatively the feeding could induce a colour change, or maybe the revealing of veins. Which could potentially be made possible with a GIF or some form of animated texture layer.

  I know Maya is capable of playing moving images on surfaces, and last year tried that with a background in Infiltrate Exploit Spread before eventually deciding on three planes, one with motion. So I'm exited to get a look at how animated textures could be achieved.

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