Thursday, 3 March 2016

Adaptation B: A Better Beast

   With Friday's discussions coming up I set some time aside to secure Colo Colo's design. Taking in what I had learned over the past couple of weeks, I settled on creating a visual look that would also help determine the creature's colours. I think this has been a step up from my last attempts at digital painting, I'm getting the hang of using different brushes and the smudge and dodge tools to get the desired effect. The latter has helped a lot to correct visual artifacts where I needed to twist or shift the creature's body after correcting a feature with the warp tool.

  In terms of colour I kept to colours I felt were pallid, sullen, unhealthy, I wanted to give the impression that this thing was mangy, unkempt or diseased. I like the way I did that with 1 but I also like 7 and 8 for the way they manage it it. I'm feeling confident with the creature's progress, it may need some further work but I think something is definitely emerging this time.


  1. agreed - I'm liking 4 the most on here, though there's something a bit inelegant about its tongue - it looks too much like a length of wool or string - perhaps it needs to taper a little more and maybe blacken towards the tip - some graduation anyway - or maybe it needs to redden towards the tip - it needs a further little something :)

    1. I was looking at lizard tongues to get an idea for the colour. Looking back, they were often fairly thick at the base and middle and did taper at the tip. Or make it clearer that the tip of the tongue is a radial mouth (granted that's achieved with 9).

  2. Those are looking very fun and a well-balanced mix of the species the Colo Colo is made of :)