Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Adaptation B: Continuing Modeling

  It's taken some effort to continue with the project, but I have made a start on using this week to catch up and continue on what I have built so far. Today was primarily abotu getting the foot done, but I also spent time correcting some geometry in the mouth, connecting up the the ankle and heel and smoothing out some of the geometry.

   Aside from the tongue, eyes and quills I think I am almost ready to start UV mapping. My strategy for this is to start with the legs, then with that done I can map the inside of the mouth, the head, torso and tail.

  The more I get to grips with modelling, the more I feel I am getting used to the way these creatures are built. The rear foor was built on what I cane to understand about the underside of the front paw, and in essence, feet (unless we're dealing with hooves) could be considered hands that the creature stands up with. Some of the positioning is odd, such as the leg, but this is something that will be corrected by the rig.

  Overall the creature is really shaping up. It's been interesting working on it even if the blog has been quiet for a week.

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