Monday, 3 October 2016

Major Project: Bug Thumbnails

  Today's been mostly about my bug. I had this though after discovering a scanning electron microscope (SEM) photograph of a hydrothermal worm. These seep-sea worms are tiny, the size of bacterium but the thing that intrigued me most was they had jaws and teeth. So I wondered, to add to the chill factor, if Four could have this kind of mouth, that opens to reveal another mouth.

Figure 1: A hydrothermal worm (Crassous)
  Beyond this, I want to refine the adult form so I can get a good sense of the larval form. I'm leaning towards the blobby slugs Ginger and Fred from Splice as inspiration for when Four first emerges from the soil.

Figure 2: Perhaps the definition of ugly-cute (That Was A Bit Mental, 2015)

Image References


  1. 1) Script sign-off by Wednesday...
    2) Start researching/auditioning voice artists - draw up lists of preferred candidates
    3) draft v/o emails and send to Phil
    4) Final adult life-form concept art on blog

  2. 'puppy fat' as opposed to 'insectoid' so more this: and less this: