Monday, 17 October 2016

Major Project: Some Primary Research

  I've been mostly out of commission today after a bit of a bug. Regretting that a sudden bout of illness might stop me from watching Alien with the First-years on Tuesday I booted up Alien: Isolation this evening in order ot perform a photo-gathering opportunity. Because it's a computer game it's not a perfect rendition of the interiors of the 1978 classic, but it comes close. ANd it has still given me ideas of how to build my base.

  I gathered several dozen screenshots ingame, I chose Alien: Isolationn as it has been critically hailed as an extremely authentic replication of the original Alien universe. The ship you use to arrive at the space station where most of the game takes place is even said to be the same model as the Nostromo - complete with an authentic medlab, hypersleep chamber, and mess hall.

When I walked in she said "I feel like death". Creative Assembly you're doing a bang-up job.

I'm not spoiling but I think I figured this guy out after about thirty seconds talking with him.

  I also did some corridor snapping because that's one of the areas I haven't built up as much as the rest of the base. The downside is the environments within the game are very dark. Tweaking the brightness-contrast filters is a definite priority for any reference images.

  My plan for my condition is to get as much rest as possible. The sooner I feel like I am in a condition to work, the sooner I can get back to the concept art and the camera work. Fortunately I have had some thinking time so once my head stops spinning for long enough I could pull out my sketchbook.

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