Sunday, 2 October 2016

Outpost Inspiration: Chris Foss and Angus McKie

A friend of mine was discussing his experiences with No Man's Sky today. He showed some screenshots he had picked up, and mentioned conceptual artist Chris Foss. Foss was a powerful inspiration in the 70s, working on Dune (1977, which I might watch today for ideas), Alien and more recently Guardians of the Galaxy.

Figure 1 (Rowe, 2015)
Foss's work however is highly iconic. But I am getting a feel for the key elements of the work that was iconic of his era: Bold lines, blocky shapes, bold colours, fairly simple but sleek structures, but more textured and colourful than the Apple aesthetic that has dominated future-thinking science fiction over the past few years.

Figure 2 (Simotron, 2011)
  Another possible influnece is Angus McKie, Who again looked at vibrant colour palettes and key lines. This work is a useful influence for the design of the outpost.

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  1. yes, love Chris Foss! Love the idea of you working within this sci-fi milieu :)

    1. I'll look into it along with the creature today. I like the aesthetic I just need to ensure what I make doesn't look too generic as Foss's style is very iconic.