Friday, 30 September 2016

Major Project: Logo Refinement

  I spent some time today workin out an appropriate logo for Wessex Biowonders (which could work fine as its own company. I like the WX combination but I'd say my favourites of these are 4, 6 and 7. The main angle I was going for was something that reflected the aesthetics of the 1970s so I did some digging into 60s and 70s-era branding. Company brands like Motorola and Sony have been relatively unchanged since the 1950s while others like Renault adopted an aesthetic of clean parallel tramlines.

I might stick with 7, as it is one of the stronger outcomes. The least convoluted and possibly most echoing the period-appropriate trend of bold lines and clear imagery..


  1. 2 looks most credibly like a logo, Mark - but don't 'go down the rabbit hole' on this - you've got a creature to design! This feels a bit like procrastinating in light of 'everything else' you should be cracking on with... I suggest you park this and address some of the key players in your script - principally the 5 or so life-forms you have to design/model/texture/rig and animate. Move on, Mark. Move on!

    1. Will do. Honestly from what I've researched today, these could count as my final ideas. Any further design refinement would definitely be procrastination. So one concern down, on to the next.