Saturday, 10 September 2016

@Phil Second Draft and Possible Draft Rework

  I have worked a little o nthe script. However some way through working on a version of the script with directions I realised the visual cues didn't quite fit neatly into what I had already written. Rather than try and rework the dialogue I considered starting again, the new version being below. I got into thinking that along with views in screens the shadow of the creature could haunt the environment. Only fully seen right near the very end.

  Another possibility is rather than a recording, the monologue could be some sort of host voice, replaying discussionsfrom before everything fell to ruin. So some of them will sound more like conversations than speaking into an audio journal.

  One current obstacle is some of the outside stuff (like messages from the scientist's family and the company) are largely shown via emails and messages. I wonder if there might be a way to convey the message with arrangement from the clutter. Or responses on post-it notes or white boards. For instance rather than an email, the scientist could have written on a board "wasting company time? Focus on the initial mission? You suits are not taking Four!"

  These are things that could be investigated in further drafts.

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