Friday, 16 September 2016

@Alan Major Project Ending Ideas

  After a discussion with Alan I considered that I might need to go back to the essential components. So in order to get an idea of what the story is about, I decided to focus on what the ending should be. While I have a fairly solid idea for the general ending - a creature/animal that attempts to flee imprisonment. The nuances are what these four proposals are trying to explore. How does this scene develop? What is the conclusion? I'm tempted, as shown by the first three being similar, to have 'Four' escape and find freedom.

  The fourth and fifth idea however, play on emotion. It's much less optimistic than the previous three and is primarily based on how in initial drafts the creature was found dead. They hit more emotionally, as we see Four not finding freedom. But I'm considering the value of keeping up in the air if he dies or if the guards take him away - these implications could be indicated in the story itself but it feels too comforting to say whether he dies or not.

  An alternative is one of the guards says something along the lines of "Target secure. Bag him." Again this could be open to interpretation as to whether Four is being bagged for transport or if he's going in a body-bag. Though I suppose 'bag him' could strongly imply the latter.

  The important matter is how to explain this kind of story in a pitch. In the case of these endings, we have "Four runs to freedom, chased by guards" and then either "he gets out as they charge to stop him" or "they find him and subdue him. Following orders."

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