Thursday, 15 September 2016

Major Project: Script Ideas And World Investment

  With work at the internship doen for now, I had a chance this week to devleo pmy major project. Looking back  I felt the last script required much improvement. So looking over and reading though I attempted to make things more fluid. To help me I called my father, a senior scientist, to understand what it was like to work in the industry. While he studies a field that is different to this scientist, there was still a worthwhile discussion that helped me understand how they get along with their colleagues, some things that can happen in the workplace, and the relationships between scientists, their support teams, and any attached engineering department.

  Shortly before working on the revised script, I watched an editorial by internet personality Doug Walker. Who discussed how recent shows like Bojack Horseman, Steven Universe, and even My Little Pony draw such interest from older audiences. One key suggestion was to provide an avenue to invest in the show. Before they could go into much deeper subjects, the audience first needed to form a connection to the world. These however are long-running series, but tackled this by starting simple. Steven Universe's first episode, long before all the exploration the show is famous for, was about Steven trying to get a popular ice lolly with his friends.

  Inspired, I considered making an advert for the company who built this base. True, this will add to the workload as it means another voice artist, more 3D assets and more render time, but I could theoretically cut the load down by providing an 'idealised' view of the outpost, before the camera explores the true base in the film itself, and most importantly keeping the advert to the point. The idea is that it's an introduction to the world. But might also say something about advertising in general in how we are shown elegance, but the reality is rarely as elegant, cheerful or glorious as the aadvert makes out..
I might trim some of the first paragraph as it feels a little too expositionary. Or I could take influences from television adverts. The aim is the base is trying to be sold - the company wants eager pioneers and researchers for it's ambitious multi-billion-dollar project.

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