Thursday, 8 September 2016

@Phil Major Project Logline Synopsis and First Draft Script

On a distant research outpost, a tired scientist rediscovers his drive as he nurtures an alien specimen brought to his lab. 

  The story begins as the scientist in an audio diary introduces himself and the project. Begins by talking about how he got the initial sample. He is however, bored with the sample: a moss the lab managed to splice to breathe Earth air. After a month and a half the specimen starts getting interesting, emerging from the soil as a group and later forming a cocoon. As things get exciting however, the executives at the company get impatient as research drags on and it becomes difficult to find practical applications for the creature. Scattered around the lab however are clues that the story the scientist paints in the audio diary is only half the picture. His fate, his life and the company are much more sinister than what he makes out.

All the names - the company, the creature and the project - are still a work in progress. Placeholders essentially. The animation itself might be around the 3m 40s - 4m mark.

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  1. Okay - so now write the screenplay - i.e. tell us what the camera/audience is seeing because it's the relationship between the spoken word and what we're seeing that will tell us more about both.