Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Major Project Script: Draft Three Version Two

  After discussing development with Phil and developing the key characters (Alfonse's bio is under construction), I might have with me a more cohesive and gripping script. It's longer if we go by a rule of thumb that one page lasts a minute, but the true length will come from a measured recording. I'd like to aim for three or possibly four minutes of animation. This seems like an apt amount of time for the story as it is a fairly long-term project and series of events.

I'm tempted to make an alternative where only the voices of the human characters are heard. But the creature still walks and wanders the halls. Much of the dialogue would remain, acting more as ghosts. Any interaction with objects (the thrown mug, the computers) could be  done by invisible people (e.g. we see the mug hitting the wall, we don't see anyone throwing it). And this version could act as a guide for tone.

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