Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Project Proposal (Version Two)

What I propose for a year-long project is:

  • One animated Short. Est. 3-4 minutes.
  • The animation will be a showcase of:
    • Creature design
    • Creature animation
    • Organic modelling
    • Environment design
  • Subjects such as creature movement and anatomy will be deeply researched.
Synopsis: Resigned to a lone outpost far from civilisation, a jaded scientist finds a new lease of life. His efforts to escape old feelings of personal guilt and responsibility result in a discovery that gradually heals him, at the risk of his loyalty to the company.

Human characters will not be the focus, but two are planned in order to sell the outpost as a living place.

By the minor project submission date I plan to have ready:
  • Production art
  • Assembled set geometry
  • Completed script
  • Completed animatic
  • Voice recordings

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