Thursday, 22 September 2016

Character Bio: Alfonse

Name: Dr. Edward Alfonse
Age: Early thirties
Occupation: Junior biotechnician, Outpost Wessex-Choris
Marital status: Single

A junior scientist for Wessex Biowonders and one of David's assistant scientists at Wessex-Choris, Edward Alfonse is a graduate of the Mars academy of organic sciences. But unlike David, Edward signed up to the Wessex-Choris posting out of enthusiasm for the pursuit of science. He is young, enthusiastic, hardworking but forever irritated by David's abrasive and work-centric attitude.

Edward is quietly resented by David. Relatively fresh out of university, Edward impressed his lecturers with his talent in bacterial genetic engineering and gene vectors. Edward's work won him the posting after developing a bacterial strain that could make alien atmospheres more breathable, which impressed visiting representatives of Wessex Biowonders. Despite this breakthrough, Edward's career on the outpost has been to run errands or act as an assistant for David; setting up testing apparatus and maintaining communication with the outpost's engineering team much to Edward's irritation while David focuses on his own projects.

In-between David's errands, Edward has made headway in finding other uses for the planet's local microbe life that he quietly passes to the outpost administrator. As much as Edward resents David bossing him around, Edward keeps his head down and avoids actively trying to irritate David. The only exceptions have been when Edward is called to perform a task while he's engrossed in his research.

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